8 books on my desk: Expertise and Practice

I’ve got a new stack of books on my desk.

Toward a General Theory of Expertise
A classic in the expertise literature. An essential reference if you’re going to talk about what experts know and how they know it.

Expertise in Context
Another essential for expertise research. Unlike Ericsson and Smith, Expertise in Context includes more sociological perspectives.

George Megalogenis is, arguably, the best political journalist in Australia. In this book he looks at the differences in the population since the baby boom and uses them to explain recent political situations in Australia. Worth reading even if you could care less about politics because of how elegantly he can write about statistics and numbers.

Reassembling the Social
Still working my way through.

Tacit Knowledge in Professional Practice
An interesting expertise book in that it includes paired chapters, one from researchers and one from a practitioner in the field studied by the researchers.

The Reflective Practitioner
Schon’s classic work on “how professionals think in action” is often referenced. I figured I should be familiar with it. It also includes some interesting explanations of frame analyses.

In the Bubble
Thackara’s exploration of the current state of the (designed) world. It’s very Gladwellian, with all that implies. Read it for the memes.

Seeing What’s Next
Don’t let the cloth binding fool you, this should have a white glossy cover and be sold in airport bookshops. But, it has an interesting chapter on potential innovation in the airline industry which I thought I should read in the context of the Airports of the Future project. It was sadly about aeroplanes, not airports.


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