Weeknote 4

Let’s try this weeknote thing again.

There were quite a few productive outcomes last week. Beginning with the stethoscope project, I started data collection on the final part of our digital stethoscope trial. After 6 months (!) banging my head against the wall with the bureaucracy at the hospital, it was nice to actually walk in with cameras and the prototype device and have actual doctors and nurses use it.

In related news, my ongoing collaboration with the doctors in the anaesthetics department seems like it will continue. They’re really supportive of the research I’m doing with my colleagues, both on the stethoscope and our more theoretical work on expertise and tacit knowledge.

The Airport project continues apace with more than a few interesting ongoing activities:

My most established PhD students returned from a week of data collection at a regional airport. They had a good time and were welcomed by everyone at the facility and managed to get quite a good lot of observation done. My newer PhD students are getting established nicely and my newest PhD student is already prooving himself more than up to the task.

Finally, in news that will keep the project administrators happy, my colleagues and I are beginning to collaborate across the various teams in the Airport project, finding common ground and discovering ways that our work complements and extends the work of the engineers, business researchers and mathematicians.

I had the pleasure of reading two very interesting PhD confirmation documents for the Urban Informatics Food project.

Lastly, a few proposals are coming due so next week (ie this week!) will be one of chasing paperwork and printing documents.


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