Weeknote 6

Lost in meetings.

Went to a managing research data seminar with the library. Might need to sit down with the librarians to school them up on the impracticality of keeping video in JPEG2000 format. Discovered that the HPC have the capacity for us to solve some archiving problems we were having. A small win.

Read a lot about how young people drink. As a very light drinker it was illuminating and sometimes shocking.

Reading great qualitative research is always inspiring and challenging as a design-focussed researcher. Inspiring because it’s a model for how I’d like to be able to write about what I do and challenging because most or all qualitative research is not produced with the view that it will result in artefacts. Qualitative work that addresses issues of interest to social policy (like youth drinking) does tend to have sections on “practical implications” however these are normally addressed to advertising/marketing or policy level, rather than at artefacts or services. David Moore‘s work at the National Drug Research Institute is particularly well written and empathetic.

Steve Jobs passed away. Had a meeting. Perplexed.

Had class for the first time in about a month and sat in on mid-semester 4th year industrial design students presentations. They’re doing amazing work. In the afternoon, sorted a new camera for my mum. Saw Marcus Westbury speak. And tidied up (conceptually, not actually. My desk is a mess.).


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