Emergent Co-Created Value

Lately I’ve been trying to think through some issues around the idea of co-creation of value in services. It’s not that I find the idea hard to understand. It’s that I need to find sufficient precedent for it so I can do something empirical with the idea.

Lucy Kimbell is one of the clearest thinkers in service design and I just came across this short paper of hers from the 2009 Service Design Network Conference, in Madeira “Service-dominant logic and design for service” (pdf). There’s more than a bit to think about a follow up in this short section from one paragraph:

[…] the value of service is co-created through the practices of stakeholders: what they do, what they think, know and learn, what they say, the objects that are part of the service encounter, how it feels, and the structures that are enacted through practice (cf Payne et al 2008; Reckwitz 2002). Designing for service involves thinking of services-in-practice (cf Orlikowksi 2000) in which the value co-created is emergent, situated and dynamic. A key task is to identify, account for and represent value co- created in practice, presenting theoretical and methodological challenges.

Kimbell also say that’s its important to pay attention to “making sense of how other people make sense (eg Bate and Robert 2007; Parker and Heapy 2006)”.

Excellent. A way forward emerges.


2 thoughts on “Emergent Co-Created Value

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