Weeknote 1: Back to Work

I skipped Monday, seeing as I’m still on Holidays this week and started my working year on Tuesday, writing my ARC Discovery grant for an internal 16 January deadline.

As always happens there was another deadline for a non-public-facing project which also needed to be dealt with. The deadline did make the characteristic sound as it whooshed past but I think it will be ok. This project is interesting because it’s an exercise in delegation, or rather in surrendering control over the final version of the things that are being produced.

The grant is… coming along. For the first time, writing a grant, I feel like the mandated structure is actually helping me articulate what I plan to do for three years (if I get funded).

And, of course, there are the usual dramas to deal with, including the Drobo in the research lab mysteriously un-sharing itself across the network. Dredging up long dormant sys-admin skills (such as they are, or indeed were) let me deal with that without having to call IT.

Next week, I think, will be back-filling on the grant and pressing through on a paper.


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