Weeknote 9: It has been four weeks since my last weeknote…

…because I was in, a Bronwyn says, Grantland.

Writing an ARC Discovery grant is quite an experience. I’ve been involved in grant applications for the last few years but have only been in charge of my own applications for the last couple. Ten pages of description isn’t much, but needing to explain in ten pages what you will do with hundreds of thousands of dollars over three years is challenging. Plus there’s all the ancillary documentation that goes with the project description. I think my full application came out to 60+ pages. Now I get to wait until June for assessor comments and then until October for the result.

In other news, my colleagues and amazing PhD students have got papers in to the DRS2012 conference in Bangkok. I have the privilege of co-authoring five of the six papers that are going in from our research group. We’re covering quite a range of topics including three Airports of the Future papers, one on anticipated user experience and one that draws together some disparate papers we’ve published in the past to elaborate on how we approach investigating expertise.

In the next week, it seems likely that I’ll have a draft of a paper based on some data that I had collected at two Australian airports. I think, going by the partial draft in the window hiding behind this browser, that I’ll be looking at how passenger experience arises through the interaction of several material and immaterial elements in the airport.


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