PhD Students Wanted for Service Experience Research

The project

The project is to investigate at a self-contained service that is also an essential part of the larger hospital experience. Our focus will be on how everyone involved in the service understands it and shapes the outcomes. We’ll also be concerned with the non-human aspects of the service — the paper forms, the computer systems, even the furniture — and how they contribute to and are changed by the (co)-production of the service experience.

The candidate

I’d like one, and possibly two, PhD candidates to start on this project in the 2013 Australian academic year (starting in March 2013). In terms of qualifications you’ll need:

  • a completed bachelors degree with an outstanding academic record. You probably have a background in design or public health or sociology.
  • some research experience, probably through an honours or masters-by-research degree.

The scholarship

QUT’s scholarship round for Australian Postgraduate Award scholarships opens 29 August and closes 14 October. Depending on your circumstances there may be other scholarships you’re eligible for.

To be eligible for the scholarship you’ll need to be either:

  • An Australian or New Zealand citizen
  • An Australian permanent resident

The process

  1. Contact me. If you’re who I’m looking for we’ll take the next step.
  2. Work with me to write a brief project proposal which will form part of your scholarship application.
  3. QUT processes your application and you start in 2013.

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