PhD Scholarships Now Available at QUT

My Colleague Dr Thea Blackler recently posted an announcment of available PhD scholarships to a few email lists but it’s not really publicly link-able so I’m re-posting it here. Thea is the School of Design Higher Degrees Coordinator and she can answer any questions about scholarships or applying for higher degree research you might have.

The University Scholarship round at QUT is held annually. The Round opened on the Monday the 20th of August 2012 and closes on Friday the 12th of October 2012 (5pm). For more information on Scholarships please visit this website:-

If you are interested in doing a PhD at QUT, you can search for suitable supervisors using this tool:-

Or contact me with questions.

To begin the application process, we recommend that you submit the following to be considered by the relevant Discipline. You may then be directed to potential supervisors. Please email a 2 page research proposal and a 2 page CV to:
I have outlined the entry requirements for the program and the formal application process for you below.
Doctor of Philosophy (IF49)
The entry requirements for the PhD program are:
–          A relevant four-year bachelor degree with first-or second-class honours or
–          An appropriate research masters degree or
–          A coursework masters with a significant research component
Successful admission will also be based upon:
–          Supervision availability – a match between your proposed project with the staff capacity to supervise
–          Project fit – project is in line with Faculty Research Priorities (page 6 of the attached prospectus)
–          Admission Interview

Application process
To start this application process, please email the following to us to be considered by the relevant Discipline:
–          2 page research proposal and a 2 page CV
Please prepare a Research Outline of no more than two pages using the headings provided:
•         Area of research, including Faculty / Centre / School in which course of study lies
•         Clear statement of the research topic
•         Brief overview of previous relevant research
•         Objectives of the program of research and investigation
•         Research methods and plan including references to key literature sources
–          Proposed QUT Principal Supervisor* / QUT Associate Supervisor(s)* / Non QUT Associate Supervisors* Possible supervisors (supervisor profiles and contact details can be found at
•         Coursework Requirements in consultation with the principal supervisor * If supervision is not yet finalised, please name QUT academic (if available) with whom you have undertaken preliminary discussion of research

Application form
To officially apply for entry into the Doctor of Philosophy program, you will need to complete a Postgraduate Research (PR) form (for domestic students) online using the link below.  I have also included an applications guideline.

For Scholarships that are offered outside the University, please visit the Jason Website, link below:

The HDR Student Handbook for 2012 can be found on the RSC Wiki site:
Forms and guidelines can be found on the RSC Wiki site:


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