Actual dollars granted (ARC Discovery 2013)

Following my last post, Ricky asked about the actual money given out in the most recent Discovery round.

The ARC reports on the total funding given out to each university and institution, which I have charted below. See if you can spot the Group of Eight.

I haven’t shown it on the chart, but the average funding over all grants (ie the total funding divided by the total number of grants awarded) is $6,683,737. The median of the allocations to each university is $2,819,181. (If the values are calculated without those institutions that did not receive funding the average is $7,936,938 and the median is $4,407,561). Either way, only Go8 universities are above the average.

In total the Go8 shared $179,574,056 and the remaining institutions split $74,407,944.

Total funded amount per university (ARC DP13)

Total funded amount per university (ARC DP13)

In this next chart I’ve shown the average funding per grant for each university. It’s much flatter than the previous chart, but these averages could be hiding a lot. The Go8 universities are not clustered as they are in the total funding chart. The median here is $320,000. The average grant for the whole DP13 scheme is $346,970.

Average funding for each grant from each university’s allocation (ARC DP13).

Lastly, a quick comparison with the most recent NHMRC round shows that the average NHMRC grant receives almost twice the funding of the average ARC Discovery grant  — $626,345 vs $346,970.


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