Week 7

Let’s try this thing again.

It’s grant-writing time and I have the fortune to be mostly along for the ride contributing specific expertise on two really great grants being written by colleagues.

Vesna and I are writing a journal paper for a special issue of a good journal. As I work through her more psychological approach to things I find a lot of points of contact with my more sociological approach.

My eHealth Project continues apace. QUT Ethics requires some minor amendments to the participant information and consent form before the project is approved.

The Airports of the Future Human Systems team and full PhD cohort presented a snapshot of our research to some partners on Tuesday. It was well received and the PhD researchers did a fantastic job.

I’m trying to go paperless and have found that Goodnotes works pretty well with a stylus. Pulling in a PDF from drobbox or the web, making handwritten notes on it and then pushing it back out as a PDF all from the iPad is pretty great. If only the shelf screen looked less pipe-and-slippers and a bit more Vitsoe 606.

And there’s a thousand-and-one other things that I’ve somehow agreed to do or need to do to nudge something else along. Such is life.


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