It’s not about new things

Via Chairman Gruber today, Darby Lines on Apple’s (great, in my opinion) “This is our signature” ad. Lines:

In my opinion this has been, from the return of Steve Jobs at least, the singular goal of Apple. Not to make all the moneys, not to dominate markets, not to impress bloggers but simply to make products that enhance our lives.


Apple’s “This Is Our Signature” mantra is in defiance of this superficial demand for an endless stream of new new new. Apple is saying they’re above the churn of the news cycle, and if you don’t understand that yet, they don’t care.

Both of these remind me of the John Thackara quote I have on my office door:

Designers have an important contribution to make. Not much, any more, as the creators of completely new products, buildings and communications. New is an old paradigm. But designers can very usefully cast fresh and respectful eyes on situations to reveal material and cultural qualities that might not be obvious to those who live in them.

That’s what design is now. It might be about new things. But it is about seeing things in new ways.


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