In the deep end

It had been hinted at earlier in the year but on Monday this week I was told I’ll teaching this semester. I’ll be coordinating, lecturing and tutoring in the first-year unit “Product Usability” and tutoring in second-year “Socio-Cultural Studies” and fourth-year “Research and Innovation 1 and 2”.

This is a massive change as until now I’ve been employed as, and have considered myself, a researcher. I’d always had in mind that I would make the move to a more teaching-oriented role but, as with many things, circumstances have thrust the change upon me.

Semester starts in two weeks or so and I’ve scrambling to understand all the admin and preparation that I need to do. Fortunately the previous lecturer of “Product Usability” has given me all his notes (thanks, Raf!) and I’m getting lots of tips from people about how to set up the subject’s Blackboard site and navigate the bureaucracy.

I think I’ve got my tutors lined up for Usability and I’m waiting on the new readings for Socio-Cultural Studies so I can get up to speed on that. I’ve tutored in the fourth-year subject for several years now so that will be familiar at least.

Next week will be spent sorting out the unit documentation and planning the first few lectures.


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