A professional library

I’m setting the required texts for the Product Usability subject I’m teaching this semester. I’m keeping the previous year’s books: Don Norman’s Design of Everyday Things and R.S. Bridgers Introduction to Ergonomics. They’re intended to be the beginnings of an industrial designer’s professional library.

I’m also putting together the list of “other useful books” that motivated students can use to structure their future purchases. Top of my list are Henry Dreyfus’s Designing for People and Tilley & Dreyfus Associates Measure of Man and Woman. I’ve recently come across Susan Weinschenk’s 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People which seems like a useful overview of a wide swathe of psychological and social research.

Are you a designer? What’s in your professional library? Will you take a picture and tweet it to me?


2 thoughts on “A professional library

  1. You might want to think about encouraging your students to set up professional reading groups (just like a fiction reading group, but you read and discuss design texts). It will also give the students some control over the selection of texts for the library. And it will introduce them to the idea that a professional library is a growing thing, not just a selection of ‘classics’ that they read at university.

    If they like it and keep it up when they leave university, then it is a habit that will serve them well going forward into their professional lives.

    Just an idea.

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