epub vs pdf for borrowed ebooks

I’m in a group of academics putting together a subject in Research Methods for design students. We’ve got a book we want to use for assigned readings. I’ve been going through, picking out chapters and sections of chapters. The university library offers the book as an ebook which can be borrowed and viewed on an iDevice. You get two options for how you’d like to download the text, as an epub or a pdf. Either way you need to view it in an app called BlueFire Reader because the text is protected with some sort of Adobe DRM that Bluefire can authenticate. My preference is to get the epub as the file is smaller and the text is resizable. But, as I’ve just realized, it doesn’t use consistent page numbering and so all my careful notes about which sub-sections I want to match with which lectures are all wrong.

This is me shaking my fist at the epub file while I wait for the pdf to download.


2 thoughts on “epub vs pdf for borrowed ebooks

  1. yeah i find that really irritating as well – i find epubs better for reading, but you can’t really use them for academic references.

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