Recent Publications

Academic Publications

You can find most of my academic publications on my page at QUT’s eprints site.

Here’s a few recent ones:

An actor-network research frame for analysing complex socio-technical situations from IASDR 2011 in Delft. My first try at being really explicit about how to use actor-network theory to work through particular issues that have come up in some recent projects.

Implications for the design of a digital stethoscope for anaesthetic preadmission consultations. In the v3,8 of the Australasian Medical Journal. Before we’d had the actual physical device built we’d done a lot of work looking the particular case study situation. In this paper we work through some of the outcomes of that research and give a few indications of what they imply for the design of an actual physical device which lets a doctor at a bit city hospital listen to the chest of a patient at a regional clinic.

Towards airport passenger experience models. From the 2010 Design and Emotion conference in Chicago. We’d done a lot of analysis of how people get through airport security and in this paper we present model of the higher-level things that people do as they negotiate airport security.


Understanding how people experience service: A design research case study about airport security at UX Australia 2011, Sydney. Building on the concept of ‘mental models’ and the related concepts of ‘frames’ and ‘scripts’ this presentation used a few examples from our airport research to explain how we go about understanding the rules on which airport security screening runs and how passengers understand (or don’t understand) the service.


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